Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kayla is Bonkers

I am Kayla! Hi:)

Here are some questions I filled in to help you get to know me! (A few???!!!)

My full name is Mikayla Felicity Mortimer

I was born on 7th of March

I have six siblings 
I am saving up for a rainbow loom kit  because I my last one broke

My home is in Australia and I have lived here for my whole life

I love people who can have a bit of fun, don't mind getting dirty, aren't pushy, don't mind me being me

My favourite activity/activities include reading, writing, playing on my computer, biking

My favourite colour is green because it reminds me of spring

My favourite meal is mac and cheese and my favourite snack food is chips

I am messy

I  lose things

The best time of the day to me is the evenings because I have family time then while watching TV

I like sunrise better than sunset because it marks the start of the day not the finish
I am frightened by heights

My favourite movie of all time is Another Cinderella Story

My greatest inspiration is my family, I can always rely on them saying something inspiring
When I was little I remember that I used to sleep with a teddy bear

My family is amazing, but a bit crazy

The music I like to listen to is music videos I find on YouTube because they are so much fun

The best holiday I ever had was when I was four when I went to the beach  with my family and we stayed in a beach house and played on the beach and in the water everyday

My most successful day was when I passed my piano exam (I have only done one)

I am proud that I am a homeschooled 

The last thing I purchased was nail polish

When I am older I would like to do travel the world

I would love to travel to Egypt because it is so old a interesting

The goals I have include traveling the world, publishing a book, learning how to sing

I am looking forward to Easter

I love chocolate

I believe that you can do anything you put your heart to

I am happy when I have a good book and hot chocolate

I would like to have a dog

I like it when I get to spend one on one time with my parents

I dislike it when I hurt myself

I find it easy to read a big book in a day

I find it hard to whistle

I can do cartwheels

I hope this helps you get to know a bit more about me. I am so sorry it is so long. There are just so many questions I found and wanted to answer.



  1. That was fun to get to know you! The waiting list at Blogs by Kids is pretty long but that will give you a little time to get a few more posts up :) Looks great so far!!!!

    1. Thanks! I can't wait. I sure will write more post. I will post another one soon. Thanks for following me.


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