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Frozen Review

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Last post I promised to write my review on the movie Frozen. Well here is the review. It took some time to write. It is quite a hard movie to sum up like this!
Here we are then, my review:
Frozen is about these two princesses called Elsa and Anna. Elsa has this amazing power to freeze things. It is her biggest secret, not even Anna knows about it.
When Elsa and Anna are still young, their parents dye at sea. It is up to Elsa to be the next ruler of Arandell.
On the day of Elsa's coronation, things go wrong. Elsa looses control of her powers and freezes everything.
In despair, Elsa runs away to the mountains. Planning to hid there for the rest of her life, but her little sister Anna has other ideas. She knows Elsa can unfreeze everything and so she sets out after her sister.
What you must know about this movie is that I really love it! It is only a few more days and it will be out of DVD where I live:)
My rating for this movie would be 9.5 out of 10. There isn't anything dislike about it.
The music in this movie is awesome. It even beats Tangled's music and that's hard to do. My favourite song would have to be Fixer-upper. Its so funny.
The plot was awesome. The surprise at the end really was a surprise. Not like in many movies were they give it all away.
The characters, they had really good personalities. It was like you could really get to know them. They weren't all the same or really boring. Each and everyone of them was interesting, even the less important characters.
if you missed it when watching to movie, watch the song For the First Time in Forever, they're there
One thing to look out for when watching this movie is the one second appearance of Rapunzel and Flynn. My dad totally missed it, even though we pointed it out to him! I think that Disney was thinking of making a cross over between Tangled and Frozen, but I'm not sure.
My favourite scene in the movie was when  Elsa and Anna were little. They were so cute. The song Do You Want To Build A Snowman, really helps you to get to know Anna as she is growing up and it really shows how the two sister drift apart.
My favourite character is Olaf. He is so sweet, but ever the slightest bit dim. I think his wish to see Summer is really cute. I thinks its really funny in his song about it how at one point the only word that fits is 'puddle', but he blatantly ignores that and says 'happy snowman' which doesn't fit at all.
Well to finish this off I will just post the trailer for those of you who haven't watched this movie yet!

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  1. Love your review Kayla! Frozen is my second favorite movie!


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